Project Description

My main core competences are that I have BUSINESS focus, experience in MARKETING & Communication, and I am an INTERNET native. BUSINESS: because I started three companies in less than 15 years of professional experience. I know the importance of creating a team, creating value and transforming it into money while controlling costs. MARKETING: because I have had more than 8 years experience working hand-in-hand with the most well-known brands in the mass market. INTERNET: because it is the common link between all my experiences. I really believe technology is changing the way we organize, do business, and relate to each other. Apart from that, I really believe that we have a social responsibility to transmit our knowledge. That’s why I spend time on my blog or go to different universities to explain the things that I learn day to day.

Specialties: Commercial & Business Development, Business Strategy, Marketing Management, Interactive & Digital Marketing, Advertising & New Media, Marketing Metrics, Project Managment, Team Building